The 6 Essential Tips for Getting to Grips with your Salon's Figures

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What is your business actually worth??

Knowing the value of your business can be difficult, we often look at those around us and start comparing ourselves to them, but looks can definitely be deceiving. It’s all about those numbers hidden just beneath the surface, they’re also the key to improving the value of your business!

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How Much Do I Need To Make?

Do you know how much money you need to earn to live the life you wanted for yourself when you opened your business? We’ll show you the easiest way to work out exactly how much that should be!

How Often Should I Look at my Figures?

Admittedly, not many of us will have gotten into this industry because we wanted to look over figures, it’s often the last thing on our minds when we’re busy with everything else, but knowing your figures is absolutely essential. 

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What Can I do? What Should my Accountant Do?

Where’s the line between our responsibility to ourselves and our businesses and what we pay our accountants to do? Knowing when to seek professional assistance can often save us a lot of time and money. It frees up room for you to focus on exactly what you need (and want!) to be doing.

What Do I Do If I get in a Pickle?

Financial trouble can hit even the smartest business owner, prevention is the best answer, but that doesn’t always work! What steps can you take to start getting back on track with your finances should the worst happen? We cover it all in this video!

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