Safety In Beauty

The Safety In Beauty Campaign Covid-19 Quality Assurance Initiative

General public and consumer enquiries for safe providers of aesthetics, beauty, spa and personal care services are set to continue for the next 12 months, now more than ever, the word safety is so prevalent and crucial.

Safety in Beauty is an independent, non commercial, self funded voluntary organisation founded in 2013, and is the only one if its kind currently in the UK, over the past 7 years we have actively worked and shaped positive changes in the industry for the protection of the general public, our work is frequently mentioned in the general press and media, and we have worked closely with government representiatives to push safer laws and polices. We also recognise the fantastic work of the industry through an annual event called The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards now in its sixth year of success.
With the pandemic social distancing and restrictions set to last well into the latter part of 2020/21, The public are still understandably fearful about Covid-19 and the implications of close contact services, and now more than ever need extra reassurance for their health and safety. Beauty, and Aesthetics is now one of the top 3 go to services following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

For this reason: We have for the first time in 7 years since establishing, launched a Find A Safe Provider Directory on our website, in addition to this new idea, thanks to public demand, we have created The Safety In Beauty Campaign Covid-19 Quality Assurance Initiative,

For 12 months, we can list your business, practice, clinic or services on provided you can demonstrate a comprehensive Covid-19 Safety Policy and Protocol in place, if you feel you do not have sufficient policies in place then we can help you, as we have compiled a comprehensive 45 point Covid-19 safety and quality assurance policy check list in place to help you.

We have meticulously produced this in association with several organisations including, local councils, trading standards, environmental services, health and safety and medical and legal professionals. Our guide will equip you with everything you need to know and do to prepare for post lockdown trading. We are also endorsing the re-opening back to business guidelines with CAPSCO and The JCCP which we are also sending to our our Directory partners, in addition to our own comprehensive checklist.

Once we check and verified that all is in order with your compliance to safety, we can supply you with a certificate to display in your premises, a digital PNG and vinyl badge/sticker for your door or window and a copy of our Covid-19 Safety Quality Assurance Policy. Your on-line listing will remain active on our website for one year. Your listing will include a full page of information, services and details regarding your business or service and will also display photo’s, links and contact details. Here is an example of what your listing would look like:

To help our carefully selected Directory partners we also allow you to publish 3 blogs/articles through the year, linking to a website of your choice, to promote topics of interest further for the public to read, these can be on anything you want to talk about from Skincare, to Surgery to Aesthetic or Beauty Trends,

Right now, our emphasis for the next 3-6 months will be helping consumers find Covid-19 safe, reputable and recommended providers, we therefore invite you to take part in our initiative.

This initiative is called The Safety in Beauty Covid-19 Safety Quality Assurance Initiative

You will receive the following items

A 45 Point Comprehensive Checklist Policy and Protocols Report

The policy covers the following checklist

  • Risk Management
  • Operational Protocols
  • Staff Training & Workforce Management
  • Sanitation & Hygiene Standards
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Infection Protection Measures
  • Staff Training & Workforce Management
  • Legal Compliance

There is a written undertaking, on your booking form that we require to be signed and entered into to ensure your commitment to this initiative and to public safety.

Digital Colour A4 Certificate with your Business or Professional Name Displayed

The certificate can be displayed in your premises or online to demonstrate your commitment to the initiative and public safety.

*Please see attached below for an example of the certificate – please note the certificate will be date displayed from issued such as July 2020 and valid for one year until July 2021

A Vinyl Double Sided Window/Glass Verified Badge Sticker

This badge can be affixed to your shop glass or window on interior for display and clearly states you have been CSQA verified from The Safety in Beauty Campaign

We also send this as a digital PNG badge for you to use online.

A full one page on-line listing at of your business, clinic or service

Please click on this link here to see what your listing will look like – your subscription will last one year.

All listings clearly display your verified badge, and full description and service details of your clinic, or business and can contain one website link.

Traffic and Data

Our website receives a daily average 1500/2500 visits per month increasing to just under 5,000 unique visits from March 2020 to June 2020

Our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have a combined following of 12,000 – we have a weekly social media outreach of 60-80,000 people

Our work is active on social media too, and we will promote this initiative, we hope you do too.

We will be promoting our CSQA initiative also to national press and media, we regularly feature in the press and media, you can view all our latest press and media inclusion on our website.

How much does this cost?

£240.00 for 12 months that is approx £19.99 per month.

If you would like to subscribe here is what to do next

To subscribe to this initiative, we require you to complete the booking form attached with all your details – terms and conditions are included for you to read, Please return your form with the message “sign me up”
We also require you to complete details for your on-line listing as per the template attached (in a word document) our template will clearly set out how to arrange your information so we can create your listing online, we also ask for two good quality high resolution photographs to use.
We will issue you with an invoice, and create your profile listing, in the interim of payment.
Once your payment has been made, you will receive your certificate and all other CSQA assists as described above and also in your booking form.
Your subscription is valid one year.

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