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Below you’ll find answers to the questions that we get asked the most about Beauty Director’s Club. All you have to do is click anywhere on the question to be able to see the answer, some answers even have handy videos for you to follow along with.

Currently, new content is scheduled to be released monthly. Content won’t all come out all at once though, we’re currently working hard to set up a release sequence so that new content will always be getting released, and you’ll know exactly what it will be and when it’s coming. We’ll update both the home page and this question when we have concrete details to share so stay tuned!

We’re always on the look out for burning issues that our members have. This is one of the reasons that we have an exclusive members Facebook group, so that members can discuss issues with one another and if it’s a particularly requested topic we’d consider covering it in the future months.

You will not get one to one access to Susan herself, however you will be able to talk to other Salon, Spa and Clinic owners via our exclusive Facebook Group. Additionally we’re working on implementing a Member’s Hotline, where you can get your problems looked at by our panel of experts.

Our current plan is to re-open the doors to Beauty Directors Club every 10 weeks, if you’ve signed up to the waiting list while BDC is closed then we’ll send you en email reminder when we re-open. Additionally, we may sometimes open the doors for a limited period if demand is high enough.

The current price of Beauty Directors Club is £47 per month plus VAT. Every ten weeks when BDC re-opens the price will be increased by £10, up to a total of £97 per month plus VAT. This will reflect the value that we’re offering to members, as content in BDC never expires. However, if you sign up with us at any discounted rate we’ll honour that price for the duration of your membership. So if your sign up with us now for £47, that will remain the price you pay until you end your membership with us.

Absolutely, when you sign up with Beauty Directors Club you do so on a monthly basis, there are no hidden contracts or anything like that. If you sign up for June’s Content, and aren’t interested in July’s content, then you can cancel that same month and won’t be charged any extra. However do remember that if you do sign up at a discounted rate, if you leave then you will also lose that discounted rate.

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