Get your business ready for GDPR

GDPR is getting closer, and now is the time to start getting your business compliant BEFORE the new rules become law, not only to give you an edge over your competition, but  also to take the rush and panic out of the compliance process.

To this end, our panel of experts have put together this step by step GDPR guide that will walk you through the process from start to finish, providing you with all the knowledge, tools and templates that you’ll need, tried and tested on Susan’s own salon, Finishing Touch Clinic.

 To get started, we’d recommend  by following these steps:

  1. Watch Susan’s interviews with Nicole Thompson HERE and Virtuoso Legal HERE to make sure you know all the basics.
  2. From there download the toolkit and the start following along with the 10 steps below.
  3. Finally, as you’re working through each step, download and complete all the accompanying documents.

We’ve worked really hard to ensure that this toolkit is the only resource you need to get compliant, therefore if anything changes in regards to GDPR we will keep you and this toolkit updated.

You can download the toolkit and find the walkthrough in the sections below, and as always we welcome any feedback in our Beauty Directors Club Facebook group.