We all know what it’s like to get overwhelmed by our numbers in business. Most of us didn’t get into this industry to sit and go through all of our finances with a fine tooth comb. However, what’s important to realise is that these numbers can make or break a business.

That’s why Chris is here to host this month’s Beauty Directors Club Business Bundle, where he will help you to go through his 5 simple steps to help get your numbers under control and to even double your profits within just 12 months!

For most of his Career, Chris has worked as a financial analyst and accountant for large worldwide organisations. When his wife Sara set up her own aesthetic practice is 2008 he used his previous experience in the industry to get to grips with Sara’s numbersĀ  and to help her control her business through deadlines, targets and budgeting. Chris eventually decided that other salons could benefit from his help, and therefore founded CDC accounting.

Below you’ll find a series of videos that Chris has produced for us that take you through the changes you can make with your numbers step-by-step. you’ll find worksheets attached to some videos too, this way you can implement these changes easily and start your journey to doubling your profits.