Copyrighting For Social Media

Finishing Off

Hey, Laura, why would a copywriter want to teach business owners to write their own online content? Aren’t you doing yourself out of a job?

Excellent question, Imaginary Interviewer! Thanks for asking it.

I love writing. Connecting with my audience is one of the things I enjoy most about running my own business.

But not everyone feels that way. And I found that many of my copywriting clients needed more than just new content – they wanted to know HOW to write their own new content.

They could clearly articulate their message when they were speaking to actual real-life humans. But as soon as they tried to share their ideas in black and white text, all they ended up with was a blank screen and a headache.

Sure, after working with me, they’d have shiny new website content, a clear picture of their target audience, and a strong tone of voice running throughout their copy. But they still struggled to communicate with their audience confidently and clearly. And that left me feeling flatter than a steam-rollered pancake.

I wanted all business owners to enjoy writing content for their people.

So I developed templates and tutorials to help business owners create their own online content while upgrading their copywriting skills.

If you want to contact Laura, you can do so by going to her website or directly through Susan.