Increased Client Retention, Employee Satisfaction AND Revenue

We all know how easy it is for our retail sales to take a dip, either because clients are starting to save for Christmas and have less to spend on themselves, or any number of other reasons. It’s an extra stress I’m sure you’ll agree we could all do without!

Well we have the perfect solution to combat this and to get your sales soaring again and even to get your team buzzing about their sales! 

Katie Lowndes joins us to host this business bundle, she has years of sales experience in our industry from her early days as a therapist with me, moving through training roles with Steiner, Head of Sales at Elemis, QVC Presenter and now based in Australia as a salon business consultant.

Before you begin working through the video series, make sure that you download the workbook just below. This will give you the instructions you need to work through this course and start realising your sales potential. 

Beauty Sale Mate Workbook