Continuing into 2021 and beyond

How to Utilise the 1 minute to all you want Challenge for the rest of 2021 and
At the beginning of every month
1/ Print off your 2 Universal Daily Sheets for the rest of the month ahead.
2/ Print your 30 day letter to yourself and complete as early in the month as possible
3/ Print off The Emotional Scale and note where you are on each day with the aim to move
up the scale on your daily mood and emotions.
You can do this by asking yourself…what would be a better thought in this moment.
4/ Store the link for Millie’s daily meditation so that you have it handy as you need it.
5/ Make sure you have your ideas book with you and jot down all of your ideas, Big and
6/ Make sure that you journal all of the great things in your life…whatever you are grateful
for and all that you appreciate, along with happy memories and things that make you smile.
7/ Keep adding your £1000 a day
8/ Keep adding to your creation box. Put a note inside saying…ALL THAT IS IN HERE, IS
Remember that if someone else has achieved what is in your creation box…then you can too
Have Fun xx